Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meet Hugo!

My first stuffie!

I know its hard to tell in these photos but its a frog. I got the pattern from the Purl Bee. I used some jean material that I had from cutting my son's jeans off for shorts. My sewing really blows though. There were a few areas that I didn't sew very well and all I did was just top stitch them closed after I turned it right side out. I think as it ages and the seams start to fray it will be so cute.

I added some beads for the eyes and stuffed with dried beans for a bean bag effect.

When I sat him up for pictures he reminded me of Hugo from the Lost TV Show. So his name is Hugo. I may try some embroidery to spruce him up a little.

It was so fun and only took about an hour and I'm a newbie sewer. So for someone who can really sew it should just be a really fast, cute gift.

Hugo is going with us on our trip to Key West next month. I hope he enjoys it. I'm sure there will be pictures.

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