Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is that white stuff?

Look its a little snow! We used this saw to cut the flooring you will see later.
Our house is on a concrete slab and when the water heater busted we pulled up the carpet and just painted the concrete to look like wood floors until we could get real flooring. My husband has worked as a Scenic Artist in movies and knows how to do faux painting so he painted the floors (and most people couldn't tell that it wasn't real). I can't find any pictures of the painted floor, but just know that it was good, but cold, but it kept chipping away. Anyway, we finally put down some wood laminate and, MAN, what a difference. I think it looks great! We still need to put the shoe molding in, but we are finished. We even put it in the kitchen and half bath that had linoleum (ugh).
Here are some pictures of our new floors. The colors are a little off as my camera skills are not that good. The next job is to clean the kitchen cabinets.

Well, I have to leave to check to see if school is out tomorrow. The Rugrat is too excited.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Christmas Gift -- Maroon 5

WOW. Is this stuff great, or what? I am really enjoying this music, especially since we also got a Microsoft Zune MP3 player.