Monday, January 10, 2011


I am stuck at home while the Georgia General Assembly Session starts today. I have been working as best I could at home, but its difficult. Its a little surreal watching all of this from home as I am usually there.

Anyway, there has been a "weather event" here in Georgia this weekend. Snow, ice, and freezing rain has covered the Southeast. I am trapped at home.

Toby is having a little trouble doing his business.

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Anonymous said...

My back yard has looked like that since the beginning of Nov. And just as it was getting melted down to the point where the dog wasn't getting high centered out there, it snowed again. (He's not very tall) It was -28C when I got up this morning.......hopefully yours won't last as long as ours will! Chin up Toby!! (Evilknittingtwin)